houston grill cleaning


Over time, we have perfected a Houston grill cleaning process that provides our customers optimum results. The process starts with a thorough inspection of the grill. We make notes on any suggested repairs and provide a separate quotation for any suggested repair work. We then remove the interior parts like the grates, burners and heat shields. We take these out to our custom heat bath to allow them to soak. Next, we get started on the grill basin. We use a combination of heat steam, environmentally friendly de-greaser and old fashion elbow-grease to get your grill basin as clean as it can possibly be. We then return to the heat bath to remove the parts and give them a good scrubbing. Once the parts are replaced in the grill basin, we then focus on the outside of the grill. We use de-greaser on the outside of the grill and finish it off with a nice polish to insure the grill looks its best.

Our Professional Houston Grill Cleaning Process Includes:

Deep Clean Steam Bath of the following items:
Grill Racks
Flavorizer Bars
Heat Plates
Complete Inspection of the following parts:
Pressure Regulator
A thorough degreasing of the following areas:
Wire Catch Pan
Pull Out Trays
Drip Pans
Rotisserie Racks
Control Knobs

Disclaimer: Our grill cleaning technicians do not clean inside any cabinets, shelving, and/or drawers. Our cleaning process does not remove rust and discoloration in the stainless steel.


Each repair is different in both parts and time required.

Schedule a repair consult which will be applied to cost of the repair.

Once we diagnose the problem, we will provide you cost of parts (if needed) and estimated cost of labor.

If you would like, we can also provide you with an estimate for a new grill so that you can decide what direction is best for you.

houston grill cleaning

houston grill cleaningProfessional – invested in deep bath degreaser and trailer to professionally clean grill at your home in a few hours.

Dependable – We believe service begins and ends with high level of communication. We will be where we say we will be on time and keep you informed of any changes.

Quality – We treat every grill cleaning as if it is an interview for our next grill cleaning job.

“We Clean the Mess Out of Your Grill”

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