Grill Repair in Houston

Our Professional Grill Repair Service Includes:

Grill Repair & Refurbish

grill cleaning in houstonYour burners are one of the most important parts of your grill. They’re the primary heat source for grilling your food. As time goes by, food particles and grease fall down onto your burners causing inconsistent temperatures and uneven flames.

  • You have a nice outdoor grilling area and you just want your grill to work properly?
  • Are the burners in your BBQ grill not heating properly?
  • Do you have trouble cooking your food evenly?
  • Can you only use certain areas of your grill?
  • Do you have to manually light your grill because your igniters don’t work?
  • Temperature gauge and lights don’t work?

We Also Offer a Complete Burner Refurbish Service
(Additional Fees apply for this service)

During our burner refurbishing process we clear the corrosion that’s clogging your burner lines, leaving your them in full working order again. Call us before you replace your burners!