The Grill Guys was started by three local Houstonians who have been friends since high school. We have always enjoyed our time together around the grill and often discussed what a pain it was to clean the grill “right”. It was then we recognized there was a need for a professional grill cleaning service, and we knew we could provide the “white glove” service and quality customers appreciate. We invested in a heated degreaser bath and trailer that gave us the tools to clean your grill the right way, at your location.

We understand that your backyard can be your little “get away” and there is nothing better than having your grill working perfectly and looking great. We had a customer tell us how his car always drove better after it was professionally cleaned, and he felt the same way about his grill after we professionally cleaned it.

Here in Houston it’s grillin’ weather year around and having your outdoor grill in full working order is an important step to you enjoying your time with friends and family. Having your BBQ grill cleaned by us not only provides a healthy safe environment but also will significantly extend the life of your grill.

We realize this is a unique service and understand you may have questions. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like more information.


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